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How often do you get away?
Don't waste a day of your vacation!


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Vail Segway

Guided Grand Tour of Vail.

Exclusive electric tours in Vail, by Town ordinance. 

90-minutes, the best of Vail. 


Why Electric?

Instant on.   Immediate go.    Smooth running.  

100% green.   100% quiet. 

100% Active!

Unlike a zipline or amusement park ride

100% active for 1-3 hours! 

Any age, really. 

Never a crowd. Just a handful of explorers.

Great for grandparents, their adult children and their kids too.  Age is immaterial.  

Stay close to friends and family

Travel at the same speed regardless of endurance or maybe your weak knees!      

No charge for smiles and laughter

Be an EV Explorer!


250 S. Frontage Rd. W,
Vail, CO 81657