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What everyone wants to know!

  • Is there an age or weight limit?
    Yes. Age 12 is the minimum age for Colorado tours. The weight limit is 260 lbs--however we do not weigh guests. Riders must be of the age, maturity and have the mental cognition to pay attention to their guide and make decisions to avoid obstacles, other riders and incidents. The Segway PT stops when the rider leans backwards. If the rider is too light, they will not be able to stop the PT from moving forward. Guests must dislose to their guide any disabilities that might inhibit their ability to ride.
  • How does weather affect the schedule and the operation of a tour?
    Tours will continue in light inclement weather. Each guest has access to a disposable poncho, or you can bring your own. In "bad" weather, your tour might be delayed for passing storm, or it may be cancelled by the guide. Please do not assume your tour is cancelled--call if you have questions.
  • What type of shoes should I wear?
    Sneakers, running, tennis shoes or jogging shoes. No hard soled shoes. Laced up closed toed shoes are best.
  • Can I bring personal items like a bottle of water, jacket, camera or purse?"
    Yes. Space is limited, but each Segway has a small "glove box" sized storage unit for small items.
  • Are photos allowed while riding?
    No. Both hands must be on the handle bar at all times or an accident may happen. If you see a great photo op, simply ask your guide for a quick stop!
  • Do I need to wear a helmet?
    Yes. Helmets are required. Bring your own or wear the guest helmets we provide. Just like on a bike, if you fall or bump your head, serious injuries can occur. Protect your noggin!
  • What happens if I arrive late?
    Unless you have booked a private tour, your tour will leave at the scheduled time. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your tour time to give yourself a few minutes buffer so you aren't late! Refunds cannot be provided--we likely turned away other guests to hold your spot.
  • Can I bring my dog or child on my Segway?
    Nope! The Segway is for one person only. Pets on a leash can cause major accidents or be run over. Sorry!
  • I am an experienced Segway rider. Do I need to go through training?
    Training is required for all guests regardless of experience.
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