Error code E042

  • By Steve Schultz
  • 27 Jul, 2017
CPU Error

Error Code E042 is a CU BSA Down Platform fault, this is a communication error between the CU and the BSA on the A side. This error can be caused by a battery with low voltage (or an older battery with high internal resistance). This error is more commonly due to another issue within the machine that is preventing one of the two from communicating to each other at the time of start up. What you should do is try swapping the battery positions within this unit (front to rear and rear to front) to see if the error is the same or different. If it's different then most likely the issue is battery related and you should check the battery you moved from the rear to the front position. If the error is the same after swapping then most likely the issue is within the chassis and the unit should be returned to us due to the parts that are involved are not level 2 replaceable parts.

ProSegway Guide Resource

By Steve Schultz 27 Jul, 2017
CPU Error
By Steve Schultz 15 Jun, 2017
The emergency shut down MUST be understood.   An emergency  shut down is an audible warning that gives the rider 10 seconds to step off.   The alarm sounds when a critical function of the Segway PT has failed.   In 10 seconds the power will turn off.   If the rider is still on the Segway, they will fall.     YOU MUST DEMONSTRATE AN EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN OR SHOW THE VIDEO TO EVERY GUEST.   Forgetting or skipping this step is not allowed.  Due to insurance and Segway agreements, we cannot employ a guide who does not cover this topic.   Not covering is considered negligence and the insurance company and Segway (rightfully so) don't allow this.  It would be analogous to having someone forget to screw in the bolts on a wheel on your car, after the tire was replaced--the employee is terminated with no recourse.     

Important:  When a guest has an emergency shut down--YOU (the guide) must take that Segway.  If you are close to the tour start location, roll it back.  Guests may need to wait for 15-30 minutes until you return.  We will give guests a discount if this happens.   If you are too far to walk about with the Segway, call for assistance.    As a last resort, YOU take the defective Segway and be extremely cautious.  Complete the route.   Be alert that the unit may go into shutdown again.  If it does WATCH THE SCREEN ON THE INFOKEY DURING THE ALERT.  What error code is displayed?  Write it down or send a txt with the code immediately.   Without the code, we can't identify the problem.  

Later, if you have not identified the error code due to another shutdown, we need to drive the unit around on it's own until the shutdown occurs again, trying to watch for the error code.     

By Steve Schultz 15 Jun, 2017
The E08E error is a Motor Drive Fault.  One of the most common reasons for this fault is that the machines batteries are not seated properly or one of the batteries might be defective.  Remove the two batteries from the machine and to then reattach them. If you find you are still getting the error, swappthe two battery positions, front to back and back to front.  If the error continues, contact ProSegway HQ. 
By Steve Schultz 31 May, 2017
Turtle Mode is the training mode used while training.  We don't put the units in turtle mode unless the rider is very young or elderly.  Turtle mode limits the top speed AND limits how quickly the unit responds to turning through the leansteer.     

When in Turtle mode, the turtle icon should be displayed.   Push the beginner mode button quickly to bring the unit in or out of Turtle mode.  The unit must be on and there should be no weight on the standing pads. 

If the unit is LOCKED into turtle mode and you can't exit, follow these steps:

To unlock the Beginner Setting: 

1. Power on the Segway PT. 

2. Press and hold the Beginner Button and the Information Display Button simultaneously for more than 10 seconds. The Information Display button will flash. 

3. Make sure the PT has not entered Balance Mode [this is when the unit is standing up straight ready to ride. In balance mode, if you let go, it will move forward on its own, trying to stay upright . Avoid this by keeping the Segway tilted forward or backward so that it is not balanced]. 

4. Confirm that the Beginner icon (turtle) toggles when the Beginner button is tapped. Once the Beginner Setting is unlocked, you can toggle the Beginner Setting on or off by tapping the Beginner button. 

To lock the Beginner Setting

 1. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 above. 

2. Confirm that the Beginner icon (turtle) is showing on the InfoKey Display. 

3. Test the lock by tapping the Beginner button and confirming that the Beginner icon remains showing in the InfoKey Display

By Steve Schultz 05 Apr, 2017
Segway specs say that guests need to be at least 100 lbs.  We often go below this at Honey Horn, because of the relative safety.  However, we must be able to tell the parents "Your child is too small" when there is risk to the guest.    It's the guide's responsibility to make this call.   Common sense reasons why size matters:

1.  The weight of the person is used to pull back the Segway to stop it from going forward.  If there is not enough mass in the child, the Segway won't stop. 
2.  There are 2 foot sensors under the pad for each foot.  One near the toe and one near the heel.  A child's foot might be too small to press on these and the Segway then thinks no rider is aboard.  This is dangerous if the Segway is moving forward and then the child's foot comes off the sensor, telling the Segway there is no rider aboard. 
3.  Maturity.   We have had tours "ruined" because so much time is spent helping/securing the child. 

Bottom line:  If the child looks like he/she is going to be a problem, you are free to tell the parent.  There is a refund for the child, but not for other guests.  As an accommodation, we will also refund one other guest to stay behind with the child.   We have learned that if you say the minimum weight is 75 and the age is 8, parents will tell you their 55 lb, 6 year old is really 75 lbs and 8 years old. 
By Steve Schultz 05 Apr, 2017
There is no maximum age in any "code" or Segway regulation.  However, the guest must be able to handle riding the Segway.  I have had an 82 year old guest who just didn't know how to step off.  He was hoping the Segway would do all the work and keep him up.   This ended in the guest riding around my leg in a circle, resulting in a bashed and bruised leg.  

Use your own judgment. If you see the rider having difficulty--they just aren't going to be safe--then tell the rider it's best if they stay behind.  100% refund.  There is no guest "right"{ to overrule your decision.  If a guide believes the guest is not mentally or physically competent to ride--the guest can't ride.   In reality, the "healthy" 80-year old will do better than the unhealthy 65-year old, so use your own judgment when making this call.   You are entitled to tell ANYONE that you feel unsafe with them riding. 

On the maximum weight side, Segway publishes a 260 lb limit.  However, Segway also says that NFL linebackers at 330 lbs often use Segways.   The Segway wheels are not going to fall off if a 350 lb person hops on.  The weight limit is more related to the ability of the person to be agile and fit to ride the Segway.  However, I don't want to put morbidly obese people or a 400-lb  6 footer on the Segway.   But, if you have a 6'6' basketball type guy who wants to ride and he is 300, it's fine.  But, if you have a 5'4" person who weighs 240 or 280 and is obviously not able to jump on and off the Segway in an emergency, they should not ride. 
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