ProSegway is one of the few elite, authorized tour operator serving historical and premier tourist venues as the exclusive provider.   When you see a Segway at any of our locations, it's a ProSegway. 
ProSegway partners with either the local municipality or resort property under a shared-revenue business model. ProSegway provides all resources, equipment, additional insured agreements, supplies, reservation system and tour staff. The partner provides the venue, space and a single electrical outlet. Our GPS-based tour narration system that runs on the guest's Android or iPhone device is state-of-the-art.  

As the only Segway tour company in the area, the partner benefits by having exposure to high net worth guests who spend their valuable tourist dollars on location. All other area business and resorts send their guests to the sole authorized venue--valuable exposure. Likewise, guests have the obvious benefit of a convenient location with it's own onsite benefits.

Download a white paper on why Segway tours might make sense at your location. 

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