So, who is ProSegway?

Established in 2013, ProSegway is one of a handful of Segway dealers and tour operators authorized as the exclusive provider at premier destinations.  Unlike at other locations where multiple Segway tour companies provide a confusing marketplace, when you see a Segway tour in our area, it's a ProSegway. 

ProSegway is headquartered in Jasper, GA (north of Atlanta) and operates the sales, service, tour marketing, customer relationship management and reservation center at all ProSegway location.  One toll free number (800-800-0424) provides convenient information, directions and tour reservations.  Or, guests can book online, right here at prosegway.com. 

Each ProSegway site is operated by local ProSegway management and guide staff.   All Segway Personal Transports (PTs) are recent year models, serviced monthly by our on-staff, Segway-Certified Level 2 technicians.


We provide the Segways, the guides, the training, the routes, the refreshments, the helmets and the fun.  When guests book a tour by phone, they talk to ProSegway, not a third-party company whose employee unfamiliar with the tour routes. 
ProSegway is Segway certified.  We are the experts who train others to be certified.  Guests watch a 5-minute video and then receive one-on-one training.  In another 5 minutes they are riding on their own.  The Segway PT is a computer on wheels with 4 electronic gyroscopes that assist in balancing the rider.  Each wheel has it's own motor so that either wheel turns any direction so the rider can turn on a dime.  We have the on-staff mechanic and the computers to keep the high-tech Segways running.  
You provide the location.  You run your business.  We manage the Segway tours onsite at your property, resort or historic location.  We even work with municipalities for public area tours. We provide the videos, promotional materials, equipment, reservation system and the staff.  You don't invest or spend a dollar.  You are protected by a multi-million dollar liability policy.  We share the revenue and guest appreciation.   With onsite tours at your property (50 acre minimum), guests enjoy the ride while hearing history of the area, or just getting an overview of your property so they know where to head next.  Click here for more information. 
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